Lily Hayward-Smith and Jenna Hubbard


The film between Lily and Jenna offers insight into a beautiful and special friendship and documents how the two co-created works in the city of Coventry. Both artists were integral parts of DECODA, an artist led project based in the West Midlands with an international reach. Decoda created spaces for conversation, practice and community, offered residencies and curated workshop series, festivals and performance events. This film briefly looks back at the DECODA legacy and also more stories about making dance in Coventry.

Jenna Hubbard specialises in Improvisation, dance, contemporary, spoken word, process based and layering memories. Jenna is a dance artist with an interest in community practice, improvisation in performance and site-specific dance. Jenna is currently working as a Dance Lecturer at Arts University Bournemouth. Jenna has a masters degree in Community Dance from the University of Roehampton, and a first class BA (Hons) in Dance and Professional Practice from Coventry University. Jenna’s research and practice interests are working with young children and their families, creating site specific performance and improvisational practices.

Tim Casson’s The Dance WE Made in Coventry 2018 can be found here.

As a performer, Jenna has worked extensively with Spiltmilk Dance, Rosemary Lee, Tim Casson and Friends, and has collaborated with Lily Hayward-Smith on a number of projects.

Jenna was a board member for Decoda-UK from the formation and the closing of the organisation, and previously worked for Decoda-UK as a Project Manager (2008-2013). As a project manager, Jenna developed the marketing and communication for Decoda and contributed to the Moving Out Graduate programmes and the Sound Moves project, as well as the day to day running of the organisation.