Dancing Bodies in Coventry is a multimedia project that aims to start to document the legacy of dance in the city of Coventry. Funded by a Coventry University Group City of Culture Grant, the project is being run by Rosa Cisneros which includes team members Marie-Louise Crawley from C-DaRE (Coventry University) and Coventry based artists: filmmaker Maria Polodeanu, photographer Antony Weir and sound designer David Sherriff.

Through interviewing several dance artists, companies, choreographers, curators, academics and local dancers, DBiC attempts to celebrate several dance voices that are found within the city of Coventry, UK.

Through the making of the several short films we will start to create an archive for the city that is focussed on dance. The films will respectively cover the past, present and future of dance in Coventry, UK. The DBiC project aims to bring forward a range of dance artists, festival organisers, dance schools and local groups, and allows them to share their dance stories with the wider Coventry community. All images and videos were created with the intention to celebrate the dance legacy of the city.